Storage Tips For A Stress-Free House Move

If you’re looking to sell your home, you’re probably dreading the thought of having to keep your property looking perfect in case viewers want to pop round at a moment’s notice. But if you’re serious about selling, you need to be as accommodating and flexible as possible when potential buyers are involved.

Being able to accept a viewing at the last minute may just be the thing that sells your house and enables you to get things moving. It’s not always practical (or possible) to keep your property looking like a show home 24/7 but taking advantage of storage facilities and streamlining your possessions will make it a lot easier and will help you show your home in the best possible light.

Clear the Clutter

You probably know you need to cut back on clutter and mess in order to sell your home to prospective buyers, but you might not be willing to get rid of that old sofa that is just too comfortable to get rid of or that coffee table that’s always been a bit too big for the room. Selling your home is all about staging it and showing prospective buyers how they could use the space, so you need to remove anything that doesn’t show your home to its best advantage.

Rather than piling up all your temporarily unwanted items in the garage (which prospective buyers will want to see looking spacious, neat and clean), take advantage of a storage facility. Your furniture and other items will be stored securely, safely and conveniently, leaving your home and garage looking free of clutter.

Advantages of a Storage Facility

Using a storage facility can also help you get a head start with the move when the time comes. Think about just how long packing up the contents of a family home takes. If you rent a storage facility, you can make a start on packing right now and can store your belongings somewhere safe, secure and completely out of the way. Anyone who’s ever moved home will know what a nightmare it becomes, living among towering packing boxes and unable to use your house like a home in the weeks or months leading up to the moving date. Renting a storage facility allows you to pack up your infrequently used items well ahead of time and leave them in a convenient location. You’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you’ve made a clear start with the packing and that your belongings are somewhere safe.

When moving day finally arrives, you’ll have less belongings to worry about and you may even need a smaller removal van, saving you money on the day. As you’ll have all your essentials still with you, you can move into your new home swiftly and easily and get all your important pieces of furniture and belongings unpacked and in place before you start picking up your storage items at your leisure.

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