The Best New Broadband Plans For 2019

The Best New Broadband Plans For 2019

Speedy, cost-effective, attractive benefits included…Airtel’s broadband game is on point!

Life in Delhi is quite excellent. The national capital offers a good standard of living, modern infrastructure and really great people. But what you will most love about living in Delhi is the excellent cell reception you get at most places.

Delhi has some of the nation’s leading mobile and Internet service providers. But only a few, like Airtel, continue to provide the best in terms of all touchpoints, from price to customer service, and from superb phone and broadband plans to network connectivity.

If you’re based in Delhi and are looking for a great broadband connection, you should really look no further than Airtel. It has every possible base covered in terms of providing a comprehensive Wi-Fi solution to all your needs. Whether it’s a home or an office complex, you are sure to find an Airtel broadband connection that fits your requirements to the T.

Consider why Airtel broadband is the best provider for Delhi:

* A multitude of plans to choose from. Airtel broadband offers 1-month, 6-months and 12-months options for Delhi. Each option is further bifurcated to include 5 more plan options, with different monthly rentals. On an average, you can expect speeds ranging from 8 Mbps to 100 Mbps, depending on the plan variant you choose. You can study each plan and variants offered under each, to pick the one best suited to your needs.

* Attractively priced packages. Airtel broadband also offers some of the most cost-effective plans across providers today. For instance, the 1-month plans for Delhi are priced at just  Rs 799, Rs 1099, Rs 1,599 and Rs 1,999 with increasing amounts of data and speeds in each. (please check these are old price ladder, kindly rework). Moreover, the 6-months plans each offer a discount of 15% if you opt for them over a 1-month plan, and the 12-months plans offer a discount of 20% if you choose them over a 1-month plan. The cost-effectiveness is put into better perspective when you consider that each connection offers connectivity to 10 digital devices at the same time, without any lag in speeds.

* Valuable bonus features. Airtel broadband further sweetens the deal for customers by offering superb features. These include unlimited calling on all plans, bonus data and data rollover (on certain plans), free Netflix and Amazon Prime subscription for a limited time, and peak speeds of 100 Mbps on the higher priced plans. When you consider these features in terms of the plan price, you realise that this broadband proposition is well-designed.

* Good add-ons. Every Airtel broadband connection gets valuable add-ons, like a free router when you purchase the plan. Plus, you get the opportunity to upgrade your current broadband connection to the unbeatable Airtel V-fibernet connection, which is the fastest in the country today. Managing your account online is easy as well – log on to the Airtel website or smartphone app to check your consumption, track usage over the last few months, and pay bills whenever the due date arrives.

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