What Affects The Success Of Your Singapore PR Application?

Singapore permanent residency is an in-demand status owing to the benefits accorded. Indeed, it is not uncommon to witness thousands of applicants each year. However, due to the country’s inherently small land size and rising local social frustrations, more PR applications are rejected than accepted on a daily basis. Officially, new citizens are welcomed if they are committed to the nation, share Singaporean values and are willing to contribute back to its society. In essence, these three requirements are used to determine a foreigner’s ability to integrate into Singaporean society. However, they are highly abstract and cannot be measured in the absence of other proxy gauges. In this article, we look to point other factors that may be used to help determine if an individual fulfils the three requirements listed above.

Firstly, age is arguably an important factor owing to Singapore’s aging population. Older PRs would only further exacerbate the current demographic issue. Furthermore, logically as a younger individual, you would have in theory more time to actively contribute to Singapore’s society and integrate in. 

Secondly, the job that you hold and the industry which you are in. Generally, the higher your position and responsibility in your employment, the better the chances of a successful application. Your position serves as an indicator of your ability to contribute to the economy and ability to support yourself and your dependants in the coming years. Similarly, industries that focus on knowledge or innovation are deemed more valuable as research and development has been set as the cornerstone of the Singaporean economy. If you are a subject matter expert in such an industry, you are likely to hold a competitive advantage over your peers.

Thirdly, the length of your current stay in Singapore as well as existing family ties. You may technically apply for permanent  residency in Singapore after starting your job, but success of the application may be limited by how much time you have already spent in the country as well as the type of pass you are on. Additionally, having your family stay with you during this period is a definite positive factor as it shows that you are keen to settle down and spread your roots in the country. Moreover, the likelihood of assimilation is seen as higher for your children as they would have spent their formative years in Singapore. 

Finally, to apply for pr in singapore, it is important that you have performed volunteering and charitable works on a consistent basis while making the effort to integrate into society. For starters, find an organization to contribute to and stick with them. At the same time, do ensure that you are comfortable with the working language – English while a secondary language being Mandarin, Malay or Tamil would be a bonus.

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