BMW Air Condition Service

7 Best Ways To Have BMW Air Condition Service

Even a BMW car’s AC unit needs periodic maintenance from a certified BMW mechanic.


Well, even the AC system of your BMW won’t be able to function properly if one of its many systems is damaged, non-functional or clogged. Without periodic maintenance or inspection from a professional BMW mechanic Perth, the AC system of your BMW will fail thus compelling you to spend hefty amounts in repairs.

What are the ways that a professional will maintain your BMW car’s AC system?

Well, there are many but here are 7 most common and effective ways most certified BMW air conditioning service providers here in Perth offer to their customers –

  • They will clean the cabin air filter – The role of your BMW’s cabin filter is simple – it cleans the air inside the car and the air that comes inside the cabin when the AC is set in the fresh air mode. Hence, it is pretty important for this component to be cleaned professionally or replaced.
  • They will check the compressor – The compressor compresses the refrigerant inside the AC unit of your BMW. It needed periodic checks as it can develop cracks or leaks with time.
  • They will check the refrigerant levels – The refrigerant is simply a fluid that is packed at high pressure inside the coils attached to the AC unit of your BMW. Periodically it needs to be replenished as refrigerants tend to escape AC systems. Without refrigerant, the AC system of your BMW car won’t be able to cool the cabin.
  • They will clean and inspect the condenser – What is a condenser you ask? Well, a condenser is a mesh that consists of coils. These are arranged in a zigzag pattern. Its role is simple – to remove the heat from the compressed gas thus playing the role of a typical heat exchanger. The result is cooling of the refrigerant and turning into a liquid from its gaseous state.
  • The overall health of the evaporator will also be scrutinised – The evaporator is yet another important part of a typical BMW car AC system. The role of the evaporator is opposite to that of the condenser, which means that it turns the liquid refrigerant back to a gas. This results in the efficient dissipation of heat from the refrigerant thus cooling it further.
  • The expansion valve will be replaced if needed – The role of the expansion valve is simple but important. It controls the pressure of the refrigerant that runs around through the plumbing of your BMW car’s AC system and it works in tandem with the evaporator. With time, the efficacy of the valve may come down; this is when it needs to be replaced by a professional.
  • The accumulator of the dryer will also be replaced – The dryer or accumulator units house desiccant that tends to get saturated with use. This needs to be replaced by professionals. The role of the accumulator is to pull moisture away from the car cabin and its AC system.

The air conditioning system is an essential component for your BMW especially when you want to enjoy driving your BMW car. So be sure to take your beloved BMW car to a certified mechanic and get its AC unit serviced at regular intervals.

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