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Different Types Of Villas In Dubai For Rent

Dubai is one of the favorite destinations of many people. Apart from a tourist attraction, it is also becoming a business place. The flourishing business in Dubai is offering them high standard of living. It is like a dream for many business professionals. Not only the single individual is coming here, but whole of the family are moving here. There are wide varieties of property in Dubai. You can buy them or can take them on sale.

Different types of villa for rent in Dubai are available. Their rent depends upon their size and the location where they are located. There are many size options for villas like 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 bedrooms set. The villas with 2 bedrooms include 3 bathrooms and living area. Another type of villas are in which there are 3 bedrooms with 4 bathroom and living area, and lawn is the most demanded version of villas. Those who are looking for bigger villas can 5 or 6 bedroom villas for lease in Dubai with around 7 bath and have approx. 6800 square feet floor space.

Their prices vary with the location of villa. The most popular renting spaces in Dubai are as follows:

  • Community of Mirdif: This appeals to the people the most because it is situated in less congested area. The villas constructed in this area have its own unique architectural character. This area is pet friendly; people who want to keep pets can take villa on rent here.
  • Dubailand: This is popular for its low rental pay. It is basically situated in the outskirts of Dubai. It provides you with clean, green and less congested environment. It is self-sustained kind of community that appeals its residents. This community is giving the facilities like tennis court, swimming pool, baseball court, lawns and parks. It also has mosque, school and other daily needs stores inside the residential areas.
  • Community of Al Barha: It is one of the new residential locations, which is situated between the old and new Dubai. This community is thinly populated which means the area is less congested. This is close to mall of Emirates which is one of the oldest and the most popular mall of Dubai. All the tourist attraction places like Burj Khalifa, Dubai international airport, Palm Jameirah are close to it.

Besides being a tourist attraction for the foreigners, it has now become an attraction for residential services for not only the residents of the country but also the people from outside country. People come here for service or business purpose. But seeing the lifestyle here, people wish to live here. For residing here, many types of properties are available both on lease and sale. People who can’t afford to buy property here can take them on rent. The new residential communities which are developing here are very sophisticated and well organized. It has upgraded the lifestyle of the people living here. Their rent starts from AED 50K per annum, as the size of the villa increases it goes up to AED 205K per annum. High rented villas provide more facilities. So accordingly people can choose the kind of villa in which they want to live.

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