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Here’s How You Can Manage Your Visitors Badges For Manufacturing Companies Smartly

The most important aspect apart from production in a manufacturing firm is the allowance of visitors into the premise. While many people tend to follow the same old procedure of making the visitor badges for manufacturing companies, we have brought to you the whole new user-friendly system which will help you reduce the time and all the paperwork for the visitor. Our visitor management solution is the perfect companion for your indoor premises that not only allow the user to prepare the badges but also keep a detailed record of the visitor in just a click away. Our digital app is transforming the people entry process across different industries and we would like to share a glimpse of our digital framework and how it reduces your anxiety at workplace.

What is this visitor management solution?

A visitor management solution is basically a digital framework that is designed to suit the needs of the manufacturing companies to allowing visitors from outside. We understand how much hectic the process might get for both the hosts and the guests involving plenty of resources which might have been assigned to do some other productive work. Our digital solution offers you the chance of eliminating the hectic paperwork and leaves a professional impression to your guests without going through any hassle.  Our software is designed to be a DIY impression which is capable of notifying the hosts of the guests and the guests with the details of the meeting venue.

Know how it works

We understand that providing visitor badges for manufacturing companies amidst the tough schedule of meeting the production targets can be troublesome and you might be thinking about how our solution can free you from these tensions. Well, it is not so hard and you will be able to understand it as we fragment the operation down for you.

Our software application has two sets of hardware attached to the system which involves a digital touch-and-tap screen along with a printer. When the visitor enters the premises and reaches the reception, they are greeted with the digital app where they have to fill out their details and provide the app with the person they wish to meet. The digital register stores the information into its database while it prints a badge number to the visitor. The app sends a notification to the host to inform that the person has arrived to meet. Once the meeting is done, the visitor has to check out from the premise by entering the check-out time on the app which can be done by entering the badge number that was provided to the person during check-in.

This reduces a lot of pressure on other staff and saves plenty of time for both hosts and guests.

At a glance

The app is very useful to generate visitor badges for manufacturing companies and as it comes with a badge printing hardware, the on-site security is assured. Thus, maintaining records and information about the visitor becomes very easy without compromising security concerns. Moreover, the visitor has to sign on a Non-Disclosure agreement which is the legal framework of storing their information in the memory making it easier to access. The badge design is also customizable making it user-friendly.

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