Search Engine Optimisation Tools

How Search Engine Optimisation Tools Make Life Easier?

There are some really great Search Engine Optimisation Tools available that make doing SEO easier and can actually be fun. Some of these tools are available for free, while others come at a price. You can have fun experimenting and testing them until you settle with those you feel most comfortable with and those that benefit you the most. Tools can be a really fun experiment and you learn a lot as you go along.

There are many interesting Search Engine Optimisation Tools available on the Internet and new tools are constantly being developed. Search engine optimisation is an integral part of any website and these tools give a welcome helping hand.

Paid submitters

The digiXMAS article submitter tool software comes free and you will be charged for the submission per article, but it is worthwhile as your articles will be submitted to roughly 1000 article directories and you will be registered to the directories.

This program is semi-automatic and works fast and accurately.DigiXMAS directory submitter, which is a link submitter, has two modes to choose from. The free mode is not completely automatic, works slower and you have to manually check each directory, do a check and then submit. On the other hand, the paid mode will cost you per website and do all the work for you. This is a valuable tool for creating backlinks for your website.

Checkers, analyzers and suggestions

You can learn some interesting things about your web traffic and ways to improve your optimisation with tools such as a backlink analyzer, a keyword suggestion tool and a page rank checker. Two good keyword tools are Hit-tail which will report on what keywords browsers use that lead them to your website and give tips on improving your website.

The other keyword suggestion tool will point you to links on a monthly basis that report on the most popularly used search words and search volumes. DnScoop is a statistical tool that reports to you about the SEO status of your website as to inbound links, Google page rank, stats about your domain name and age as well as a report on your domain IP. Page Rank Predictor is a fun program to use and you might learn interesting things about your website. This tool gives you a prediction of what kind of PR your website has.

Browsers, Plugins, social networks and blogs

Firefox offers two plug-ins; when you do a search, SEO for Firefox will display information under each search result such as links and page ranking. With Firefox Live page rank you will have the Google Page Rank of that page displayed in the right-hand bottom corner of your screen. The Blogosphere carries weight online and tools from Feedshark, Pingo Matic and Pingoat will get you listed in the biggest online blogging directories.

There are social bookmarking tools such as Social Marker and OnlyWire that submit your link to many other websites taken from the URL and title information of your web pages.

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