What Sort Of Suppliers Do Schools Need?

Many company owners consider targeting their products and services to schools but aren’t quite sure whether educational organisations will be interested in what they have to offer. Let’s take a look at some of the suppliers schools are most in need of right now.

Electrical Companies

A great deal of electrical work is carried out across schools and other educational organisations. New installations are frequently required, and existing electrical systems often need to be maintained and serviced. Additionally, schools, colleges and universities need to have a full Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) carried out by a registered electrician at least every five years.

IT Companies

Schools rely on IT in various ways, from payrolling staff to lesson planning and teaching. IT support for schools can sustain all the software and hardware required for these vital functions. Without a reliable IT company on hand to provide key IT services, schools may quickly run into problems.

Stationery Providers

If you’re a provider of office supplies including printers, printing ink, paper and pens, targeting schools can be highly beneficial. Educational facilities are always in need of these basic but essential items. Although there is a great deal of competition in this market, you can help your company stand out from the crowd by joining the National Register of Education Suppliers.

Roofing Companies

Many roofing specialists have successfully marketed to schools to boost their revenues. Roofs protect schools from all types of weather, however, without maintenance, the roof will age until it can no longer do its job. School roofs require frequent maintenance, and many older buildings require brand-new roofing systems to replace ageing roofs which are no longer efficient. Schools often require the services of a specialist roofing contractor.

Playground Equipment And Maintenance Specialists

Quality, customised playground equipment can greatly improve the health and well-being of younger children as they play. This has led to more schools allocating larger portions of their budgets to playground equipment. However, this equipment also needs to be updated, maintained or replaced once it starts showing signs of damage or age. Swings, slides and multi-play structures can easily cause injuries if they’re not maintained properly. As a result, targeting schools and nurseries can be highly lucrative for playground equipment and maintenance specialists.

Catering Companies

If you’re an experienced caterer that has supplied cuisine for a wide range of clients, it’s certainly worth advertising to schools. Many schools and other educational organisations are reaching the end of their contracts with their existing caterers and are now seeking better value for money alongside higher quality food for their pupils, staff and visitors to enjoy.

How Can I Advertise To Schools More Effectively?

A great way to win the attention of schools, colleges, universities and similar organisations is to become an Incensu member. We can add your business to the National Register of Education Suppliers to help you demonstrate that you are a credible supplier that’s worth doing business with. We can also help you target academies, which are schools that receive funding from the Central Government and have more control over their financial decisions.

Your presence on our register can help you attract headteachers and school business leaders who are in charge of large budgets. Incensu is designed to help you stand out from your competitors when you are offering valuable, cost-effective products and services which schools are interested in. You can also grow your reputation on our platform over time as you continue to receive positive reviews and ratings from your clients. Just remember to display the Incensu Registration Mark and School Rated Badge once you join Incensu to win the confidence of education decision-makers.

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