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Enjoy Electricity Uuninterrupted With Solar Solutions

As the global warming index is on the rise, this is a great time to look for alternative energy sources rather than burning fossil fuel, energy sources which are sustainable and doesn’t harm the environment. And what is a better solution than solar power, it is free, it is endless and you can have electricity all around the year.

Electricity produced through solar energy has both commercial and domestic usage. In commercial cases, companies are using their rooftops; industries are using their unused land to install solar panels to produce energy. In domestic cases the concept is also the same; people are using their rooftops or gardens to produce energy. Apart from its obvious environmental and economic benefits, solar energy is a great alternative for places where electricity hasn’t reached or it’s not very regular.

Even though solar energy has a wide range of applications, in this article we will look at two particular usages, batten lights and shed lights.

Solar batten light is currently very popular among all the solar lighting fixtures. The reason behind this is its benefits, which are:

Easy to install: A solar batten light is very easy to install and with some tools and little technical know how you can do it on your own. You don’t have to call any professional, just buy the set do it yourself.

Battery backup: Modern light fixtures come with a powerful lithium battery. Once charged this battery can produce light at least 12 hours and if you put it in power saving mode then it will run for more than 2 days.

Waterproof: A modern fixture is built with IP67 panel which means they are waterproof and because the majority of its use is outdoors then this waterproofing is necessary.

Control system: MPPT controllers used in these lights charge up the battery 30% faster than a PWM controller. Also, it charges the battery every day as keeping the supply stable even when the intensity of sunlight decreases for some days.

72 lighting modes: 72 different modes are built into these sets. You can freely switch between the energy saver and constant lighting and along with it, the brightness and duration of the light are also controllable.  

Radar sensor: You can save energy in the presence of a radar sensor due to its energy-saving mode which is adjustable by the remote given with the set. This sensor can detect even the slightest movement.

Affordable: A solar batten light fixture is really affordable and has a low maintenance cost.

High lumen content: These light fixtures are equipped with high lumen content and as a result using the same power as other fixtures it can produce more light. Also, unlike before the lumen content in modern fixtures has more longevity and it takes a lot of time before depreciating.

Solar shed light is no different than a batten light and has some benefits, functions, and usage. The only difference is that other solar lights will not work during the day but a shed light will work both day and night.

Batten light and shed light are a great option of sustainable light. They are durable and reliable and have slowly gained relevance among industrial residential and commercial users. 

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