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Most Common Myth When Working With A Recruitment Firm

For most graduates, finding a job they love as soon as they graduate is a dream come true. According to research, recruitment firms minimize the time period that one takes to find a job because of their experience in matching them with a suitable vacancy in a reputable company. However, some job seekers still decide to ignore signing up with recruitment firms as part of their job search strategy. The main reason for not registering with a firm that assists people to get employment is the belief in myths associated with staffing companies. These myths are quite diverse and when not cleared up stand in the way of an individual securing employment through recruitment firms.  

Although myths about recruitment firms abound, there are some that are quite common and have been misleading job seekers for many years. Some of the well known myths that are often heard in recruitment circles include:

Recruitment firms only offer temporary jobs

When recruiting staff for small as well as large companies, recruitment firms seek employees for both temporary and permanent positions. Most companies include hiring of staff as part of their budget and then engage staffing agencies to help them find the most suitable candidates.

Therefore, it is very possible to find a permanent job through a recruitment firm. In addition, you can start off as a temporary staff through the placement of a staffing agency and later be offered a full-time position in the same company.

Temporary jobs offered through recruitment firms have no benefits

Majority of recruitment firms do their best to ensure that the person they recommend to be hired gets the best out of their job. Temporary jobs are no different, with many reputable staffing companies working hard to secure employment positions that offer benefits similar to those doing permanent jobs.

Therefore, it is important for job seekers to inquire about the benefits that they are entitled to even when a job is short-term.

Jobs offered by recruitment firms are all entry level positions

In earlier times, most of the people that signed up with recruitment firms were fresh graduates looking to secure their first job. However, this has changed a lot worth many staffing agencies offering those returning to the job market to find jobs that are better paying and flexible.

Also, they assist job seekers that want to enter a new industry to do so by analyzing their skills and experience, then advising on the best step to take regarding finding a suitable job.

Recruitment firms offer low paying jobs

Jobs offered through recruitment firms are paid according to the experience and skills that a job seeker has gathered over the years.

If one can demonstrate that they are able to offer over and above what the employer seeks for a position, then they are likely to be paid much better. In most cases, careful negotiation of salaries during an interview set up by a recruitment agency will result in good remuneration for the position.

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