Techniques To Balance The Process Of Building A Community While Managing The Facilities In A Coworking Space

This is no big surprise that managing a coworking space may not be always smooth as there can be several sorts of issues which needs to be tackled from time to time. This necessarily needs to be discussed on how to tackle these issues. If you are managing a coworking space, then you must be in a similar situation facing some or the other hurdle at any point in time. There can be several sorts of challenges but few of the core approaches to handle these challenges are discussed here. 

Focusing majorly on human interactions and preferring it over social media 

Social media can indeed consume a considerably large amount of time, efforts and attention in competing with the countless others from all across the globe. 

You should not opt for any particular game which you cannot win. Instead, you should opt to change the game. The beauty of the well-organized coworking spaces lies in the fact that everything happens face-to-face in real life. 

So you should preferably take a holiday from the social media for a week and in lieu should dedicate that valuable time in talking to real humans in the coworking space or even in other communities. 

Many of the coworking space owning teams face tough challenges in breaking the ice between the members and make them show up and care for each other. You must be witnessing several repelling members who would not be interested to be a part of the growing community even after operating from the coworking space. There should be get-togethers where the members can interact every Friday is an informal session over lunch or evening snacks and coffee. The coworking management should positively organize the same in order to facilitate building the community in the coworking space. Apart from that, there should be coffee and drinks lounges where the members can loosen up and interact in an informal atmosphere. These face-to-face interactions can do a lot of good and the like-minded members can end up collaborating with each other to initiate a new project or partner with each other to grow their existing projects. 

Integrating participation in the on-boarding process 

When people join a coworking space in mumbai just to rent a workspace, many of them fail to understand the overall significance of a coworking space. They end up treating the coworking space just like a workspace and the coworking management sometimes faces the challenge of making these members join the transformative program which travels the path of mutual interaction within the coworkers. 

The coworking space owners should make it a point to talk frequently to their members and identify their interests. They should ideally look for opportunities in order to encourage and empower them wherever possible. When those members start organizing collaborative activities in the coworking space, do whatever you can in order to invite the other potential coworkers to participate. 

A relationship between the coworkers starts developing within the coworking community through various shared activities like show & tell, happy hours, crafts sessions, work sprit or maybe several other things. The members of the coworking space will eventually come to understand that a coworking space is much more than a mere workspace

Setting aside adequate time for the admin responsibilities 

Everyone requires focus time to conduct the non-social things which make the business run. You should set aside certain blocks of work time as a coworking space owner or manager when you should be doing all sorts of admin things and you should necessarily communicate to the members to leave you all alone during those time slots. 

You can also try out calling for group sessions for resolving certain issues and this would help you in focusing on your work. This also helps in keeping everyone in line and this also keeps away distractions. 

As an owner or a manager of a coworking space, following the above tips would help you considerably in balancing the overall process of building a community while managing the facilities in a coworking space. 

You are most welcome to come up with your queries or enlighten us with your expert suggestion in this regard by writing back to us in the comment box below. 

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