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Food Delivery Bike Insurance In India

Are you someone who delivers food on bikes? Did you know that you can take precautions against accidents to protect your finances?

Let’s discuss two wheeler insurance online and offline, for food delivery bikes in India.

What Does Insurance For Food Delivery Bikes Mean?

You may already know that the word “insurance” refers to the financial protection that an insurer gives in exchange for a set premium. However, it only applies to damages or losses to two-wheelers when you have two wheeler insurance online or offline. Because of this, food delivery bikes are required to have two-wheeler insurance.

Is Insurance For Food Delivery Bikes Necessary?

Considering the high amount of deliveries made on a regular basis, third party bike insurance is a must for food delivery bikes. However, because of the mandatory law, you must purchase bike insurance in advance.

There are typically two types of two-wheeler insurance plans offered by insurers in India for bikes used for food delivery. These two types of bike insurance are third party bike insurance and comprehensive insurance. Let’s briefly go over each.

  • Third-Party Bike Insurance Plan: Typically, this is the most basic type of insurance available for bikes used for food delivery. It covers third-party property damage, injury, or unfortunate demise*. Damages to the insured food delivery bike usually may not be covered.
  • Comprehensive Bike Insurance Plan: This policy provides both own damage (OD) coverage and third-party bike insurance plan coverage.

A personal accident (PA) policy differs from a bike insurance policy. If the insured person has an unfortunate casualty that results in them passing away, PA provides a financial compensation.

Advantages Of Purchasing Motorcycle Insurance For Delivery Bikes

Since riding can be a big part of delivering food, it’ll be wise to look for any casualties.

Consequences Of Delivery Bikes Not Having Insurance

As discussed, you need insurance to ride a bike that delivers food on Indian roads. Without valid insurance, there may be severe legal repercussions.

Quick Guidelines For Buying Two-Wheeler Insurance For Food Delivery Bikes

Although you can get two-wheeler insurance online and offline, the following could help you watch out for a few vital requirements –

  • Check The Price: Buying insurance online gives you more options and suitable bike insurance prices than buying it in person. To select the best plan, you can compare them online*.
  • Protection: Select a plan that provides the necessary protection for your requirements. Confirm that the sum insured could cover all possible casualty scenarios. Keep in mind that selecting a sizable insured amount might raise the bike insurance price.
  • Check The Coverage Areas: Some bike insurance companies may only cover you on a particular site. Hence, remember to confirm the coverage area.


Food Delivery riders are always on the move. Unfortunate casualties can result in expensive consequences. Being responsible for these expenses on your own can be worrisome. Therefore, having comprehensive two wheeler insurance online or offline in advance protects you from such situations.* This way, you won’t have to worry and can focus on your job.

* Standard T&C Apply

‘Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.‘

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