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How Can You Improve Security And Efficiency Of Your University Staff With The Help Of Visitor Management System?

Maintaining security in an educational institute is very important. Securing the university campus is one of the main concern for which a manual staff at reception is not enough to ensure tough security. Everyone wants safe and secure environment for students, staff and other visitors so that university is comfortable place to study, work and visit. In order to maintain security and have safe premises in a university you need to integrate the best visitor management system for universities available. Even as a parent or guardian of your child you would also want a safe and secure univeristy for them to study.
Integrating visitor management system at the university gates and common entrances not only provides a modern look to your entrance but also speeds up the guest check-in process. It stands as a contrast to the regular manual hectic process of filling in details on paper logbooks. Vizitor management systems have the capability to track different type of guests such as parents, students and staff. It stores the visitor data in a secure admin portal. Deploying a strong visitor management solution at your university campus helps you in various ways:

Streamline check-in process: With help of vizitor management systems, you no longer need to check-in manually  by filling details on paperlogs instead it automates the full process. This saves time and saves the confusion od maintaining visitor records.

Capture visitor photograph: Whenever someone registers for a check-in on visitor management system, a passport size photograph of the guest is captured for better identification and reduce any chances of confusion.

Visitor Badges: Visitor management systems are capable of screening guests at the entrance of your campus and it  also prints unique identification badges for better compliance and authentication. Any un-authorised or unexpected person inside the premises can be easily spotted with the help of visitor badges.

Pre-register your visit: Modern day visitor management systems  are capable of registering regular/repeated guests like staff members and students prior to their visit. This saves time on registeration as the user just has to provide contact details and the rest will be automatically fetched from last visit.

Secure visitor data for future use: Vizitor can be used by university to track everyone who enters the campus premises and store all the important information of guest whereabouts in a database from where it can be easily fetched. Parents and guardians can also be notified about their child’s performance via visitor management system text or notifications.

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